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מקרה קליני 4 - שימוש ב-"PARALLEL GUIDE"

ד"ר מושייב איליה 

 1) Pre-operative panoramic image.

2)  Choosing the implantation area.

3) Making the incision.

4)  Drilling with marking drill 1.9mmd and pilot drill 2mmd 
     to the desired depth. Through the 7mm PG spacer's hole
    Inserting PG pin.

5) Proceeding the next marking drill trough the PG Spacer holes. A next spacer will be joined
     and the action will be repeated. Situation after inserting 3 PG pins.

6) Xray Control Image: showing tche Parallel-Guide
     3 Piece System with the 3 inserted Control Pins.
     The pins are exactly parallel insertered.


 7) Inserting the implants in the prepared halls after using PG System.

8)  The post operative panoramic image shows the precious parallerism of 3
      implants "Prima" of DMI after using the Parallel Guide System.

9) after implantation close with healing abatment.

10) Removing The Healing abutment and getting gingival shape.

11) Putting close clip Transfere.

12) Preaparing for taking impression.

13) Taking SIZE with impression Materials.

14) Taking SIZE with impression Materials.

15) Puting analog on the Transfer.

16) Puting analog on the Transfer.

17) getting The Model Preparation Metal Crown.

18) getting The Model Preparation Metal Crown.

19) getting The Model Preparation Metal Crown.

20) getting The Model Preparation Metal Crown.

21) getting The Model Preparation Metal Crown.

22) New System of Removable Hexagon.

23) Conecting Removable Hexagon.

24) Screw Inside of The crown to Remove Hexagon.

25) Titanium Screw and  Metal Crown 

26) Titanium Screw and Metal Crown.

27) Titanium Screw and  Metal Crown .

28) Connecting The Bridge Inside of The Mouth.

29) Casting ceramic crowns.

30) Screwed Ceramic Crown on Model.

31) Screwed Ceramic Crown on Model.

32) Screwed Ceramic Crown on Model.

33) Screwed Ceramic Crown and Titanium Screw.

34) Universal Hexagon Driver Connecting Screwed Ceramic Crown.

35) Screwed Ceramic Crown in The Mouth.

36) Closing The Holes of Screwed Ceramic Crown.

37) Panoramic X-ray final Work of Screwed Metal Ceramic Crown.

38) Panoramic X-ray final Work of Screwed Metal Ceramic Crown.

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