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Immediate Loading with Overdenture Restoration

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Doctor Yusupov Arkady


1) Patient 57 years old . A panoramic radiograph, and intraoral Situation before Treatments begin.


2) Extraction of teeth in the lower jaw.


3) Curettage of the extracted teeth holes , preparation of the bone implant bed using a

   depth gauge and parallel pins.



4) Inserting 4 implants in the lower jaw anterior region.


5) Single-step installation of the implant titanium abutments

    with ball attachment plus augmentation bone-seeking agents.




6) a.  Panoramic control image immediately after implantation.

    b. Wound suturing and intra oral situation after implantation 



7) Immediately after implantation an prepared (or old) prosthesis with quick-plastic

    denture is produced and fixed with nylon caps above the implant ball attachments.


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