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ד"ר יוסופוב ארקדי 1) Patient 57 years old . A panoramic radiograph, and intraoral Situation before Treatments begin 2) Extraction of teeth in the lower jaw 3) Curettage of the extracted teeth ...
ד"ר קנדינו דנואל 1) Panoramic radiograph of a patient with partially edentulous upper jaw left side. Planning to remove the roots of the teeth 23 and 27 and set 5-implants in the area from 23 to 27...
ד"ר מושייב איליה 1) Pre-operative panoramic image. 2) Choosing the implantation area. 3) Making the incision. 4) Drilling with marking drill 1.9mmd and pilot drill 2mmd to the desired depth. Th...
1) panoramic X-rays of the patient before treatment2) intra oral view of the extended edentulous space3) CT Image
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